Ripoff Report: Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing illegal pyramid 2005-04-25

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Report: Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing

Reported By: (Hillsboro Alabama )


Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing illegal pyramid FORTUNE HI-TECH MARKETING CHANGES MARKETING NOW 350$ to JOIN Harrodsburgh Kentucky

*Consumer Comment... FHTM is caught in a massive LIE


Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing

Harrodsburgh Rd.Lexington Ky
Harrodsburgh Kentucky
Phone:  859-422-7008
Web Address: 

Category: Multi-Level Marketing

Submitted: Monday, April 25, 2005

Last posting: Sunday, September 26, 2010
Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing has changed compensation plan. Reason why I think from all the negative publicity. I have has over 400 emails from reps upset. Everything I said was true. Now they have went from 99$ to 199$ to 249$ to 349$ in less than 2 years.

Over 50K reps you do the math. I will break it down 1 more time they have stop charging 399$ for th training fee because that is a illegal pyramid. But they raised there manager fee.

They offered Excel reps a home 1/2 off because they went bankrupt. I made 1000's of dollars with Fortune but I put 1000's out. How when I was in it costed 199 the company paip me upto 380$ with training money. Now people stay how do they stay in business good question here is the answer the 399$ the trainers was paying was covering Paul's expense.

Now I figure the A.G. wrote a friendly letter and told them that was a pyramid scheme. So they had to raise the price to 349 to cover all the people doing what I was doing "BONUS BUYING"

I predict Fortune will be bankrupt just like Excel is now. Kenny Trout was the smartest man cashed in anow is 1 of the 400 ricest man. Pick up a forbes magazine a check it out. Oh did I mention he live in kentucky now.

Hillsboro, Alabama
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